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    西爾普( 南通) 機械制造有限公司生產的高效混合機主要用于制藥、食品、化工、農藥、塑料、顏料和化妝品等工業行業。


    西爾普( 南通) 機械制造有限公司生產的高效混合機主要用于制藥、食品、化工、農藥、塑料、顏料和化妝品等工業行業。

    混合適應性強,混合精度高,粉體配比在 1:10000 時,其標準偏差為十萬分之三,混合變異系數CV 為 3-4;旌线^程溫和,裝填量大,裝填系數為 0.7-0.9 ,特殊螺帶結構,使混合均勻,出料積料極少。

    密封操作, 運轉平穩,噪聲小,粉塵量少, 不污染環境。


    Sharpe (Nantong) Machinery Poducting Co.,Ltd. is a leading supplier of Efficient Mixers to the major process industries.

    Many products,including pharmaceuticals,pigment,and cosmetics are manufacture.

    This adaptability is good,and precision of mixing is high.When the formula of powder is at 1:10000,the standard deviation is 3/100000,and the coefficient of mixing deviancy is 3-4.

    The proceeding of mixing is gentle,and the capacity of loading is very large.The coefficient of loading is 0.7-0.9.The special structure of screw bolt makes the mix even,and the remaining of the material-eject is very little.

    Sealed operation,steady operation,small noise,little dust,no pollution.

    Structure is tight,take up the space little,employment and maintenance are convenient,Superor workmanship and the use of only the highest quality materials assure long, trouble-free performance.